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Chemical tests for inorganic anions: Part-I

Chemical tests for inorganic anions  Chloride, Sulphate and Nitrate Test for Chloride (Cl-)
Requirements: i)          2M Nitric acid ii)         Silver nitrate iii)        Lead acetate.
Preparation of reagents: Reagent A: Nitric acid (2M). Pour 128 ml conc.HNO3 into 500ml water, dilute to 1lit.
Reagent B: Silver nitrate (0.1M). Dissolve 16.99 g of AgNO3   in water and dilute to 1lit.
Reagent C: Lead acetate solution (0.25M). Dissolve 95 g lead acetate trihydrate in a mixture of 500 ml water and 10ml glacial acetic acid and dilute the solution with water to 1lit. Procedure:
I.Take 1ml of water extract in a clean test tube. Add 2-3 drops of reagent A to it. Then add 2-3 drops of reagent B. White precipitate indicate the presence of chloride ion, which is soluble in NH4 OH and insoluble in HNO3.
II.Take 1ml of extract in a clean test tube. Add 2-3 drops of reagent C to it. White precipitate indicates the presence of Cl-    
III. The above tests must be carried out along with the reference standard a…