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Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs)

IEDs are not manufactured by any fixed standards, therefore their materials of construction, composition of ingredients varies widely. Everything depends upon the availability of resources, knowledge and skill of user. •Explosives composition • Various ingredients include the various combinations of oxidizer and fuel. For example:
1) Potassium chlorate + Arsenic sulphide + missiles (iron nails, glass pieces , stone chips etc.,) - Throw-down device. 2) Potassium chlorate + sugar initiated by conc., Sulphuric acid - Acid bomb
•Improvisation can be made on container, main charge, initiation device and projectiles depending upon the availability, skill, motive and means. For example:
Container; Tiffin carrier, transistor, cement pipe, iron pipe, telephone, Television, toys, cell-phone, computer, scooter, cycle, the articles which are easily available to the anti social elements. ( ref1 ,2&3) •Main charge : High explosives, Low explosives or combinations. •Initiation device: Time device, remot…