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UPSSSC Recruitment 2016 Government of UP has advertised 613 posts of various positions including scientific Assistants, Lab officers, etc. in different divisions such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Forensic, etc. The details of the advertisement can be obtained at the following link.
Instructions for filling up the form can be obtained from here. Total Vacancies: 613

Name of the Exam: Combined Lower Subordinate Service Competitive Exam 2016 (II)

Name of the Post:
1. Junior District Information Officer (Urdu): 17
2. Regional Exhibition Officer: 08
3. Librarian: 74
4. Hostel Superintendent: 07
5. Proof Reader: 01
6. Mobility Teacher: 07
7. Assistant Store Keeper: 86
8. Inspector Legal Measurement Science: 26
9. Artist: 52
10. Investigator: 05
11. Exercise Trainer: 01
12. Asst Superintendent: 14
13. Library Assistant: 01
14. Supervisor: 72
15. Technical Supervisor: 05
16. Industrial Cooperative Supervisor: 42
17. Laboratory Assistant (Physics): 11
18. Laboratory Assistant (Chemistry): 08
19. Laborator…
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Forensic Significance of Biological Fluids

A large variety of fluids are secreted inside and outside of the body. They include more than 28 different fluids such as blood, semen, saliva, milk, tears, sweat, urine, etc, as provided in the list below. Although, in principle, most of these fluids are capable of giving identity of a person, but in practice only a few of them actually have any serious forensic significance. In forensic practice, not only the identity of the suspect/victim is important, but other relevant issues such as drugs and chemicals consumed by the individual are also routinely considered.In subsequent posts, the analytical part of these bio-fluids will be discussed in detail.Biological Fluids•Amniotic fluid•Aqueous humor and vitreous humor•Bile•Blood serum•Breast milk•Cerebrospinal fluid•Cerumen (earwax)•Endolymph and perilymph•Exudates•Feces•Gastric juice•Lymph•Mucus •Pericardial fluid•Peritoneal fluid•Pleural fluid•Pus•Rheum•Saliva•Sebum (skin oil)•Semen•Sputum•Synovial fluid•Tears•Sweat•Vaginal secretion•…


DATED: 29.07.2016

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Chemical tests for inorganic anions: Part-I

Chemical tests for inorganic anions  Chloride, Sulphate and Nitrate Test for Chloride (Cl-)
Requirements: i)          2M Nitric acid ii)         Silver nitrate iii)        Lead acetate.
Preparation of reagents: Reagent A: Nitric acid (2M). Pour 128 ml conc.HNO3 into 500ml water, dilute to 1lit.
Reagent B: Silver nitrate (0.1M). Dissolve 16.99 g of AgNO3   in water and dilute to 1lit.
Reagent C: Lead acetate solution (0.25M). Dissolve 95 g lead acetate trihydrate in a mixture of 500 ml water and 10ml glacial acetic acid and dilute the solution with water to 1lit. Procedure:
I.Take 1ml of water extract in a clean test tube. Add 2-3 drops of reagent A to it. Then add 2-3 drops of reagent B. White precipitate indicate the presence of chloride ion, which is soluble in NH4 OH and insoluble in HNO3.
II.Take 1ml of extract in a clean test tube. Add 2-3 drops of reagent C to it. White precipitate indicates the presence of Cl-    
III. The above tests must be carried out along with the reference standard a…

Forensic Science Jobs: Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), India

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)     Shahjahan Road, Dholpur House, New Delhi – 110069 
UPSC Advertisement No. 16/2015 for various Job posts

UPSC invites Online application by 03/12/2015 for following  various posts in various Government of India Ministries and Departments in the prescribed format. The posts are : 

Junior  Scientific  Officers : 03 posts in  National Centre of Organic Farming, Ghaziabad, Ministry of  Agriculture, Department of Agriculture  &  CooperationAssistant Directors (Non-Medical) : 06 posts in Central Research  Institute,  Kasauli  (HP),  Ministry  of  Health  and  Family  Welfare, Directorate General of Health ServiceAssistant  Director  (Lecturer) : 01 post in  North Eastern Police Academy, Umsaw, Umiam, Meghalaya, Ministry of Home AffairsAssistant Director (Management) : 01 post in North Eastern Police Academy, Umsaw, Umiam, Meghalaya, Ministry  of Home AffairsDeputy Assistant Director (Lecturer) : 01 post in North Eastern Police Academy, Umsaw, Umiam,…

Serological Resources for Forensic Purposes